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Today, there is almost no product without the im­print of a best-before date, batch number or pro­duc­tion codes. The marking of all types of products and pack­aging is of great impor­tance to the manu­fac­turer. Since the areas of app­li­cation differ greatly, various tech­nol­ogies have become estab­lished. This leads to the fact that the user hast to master many dif­ferent oper­ating units so that the cor­rect imprint is made on the pro­ducts. In addition, it is his respon­si­bil­ity to apply the de­sired print image per­man­ently in a good quality. During the pro­duc­tion process, this is not always easy. Numer­ous factors can influence the print quality.

Modern marking systems therefore have the option of error detection, such as a low ink level or no loaded print image. However, not all possible errors are detected with this. In particular, in the huge majority of applications, monitoring print quality is still a task that requires visual inspection by the user. With the multitude of applications and technologies, this is a major challenge for any user. It is time-consuming and cannot be monitored without gaps.

The PACKTAGGER now takes over this impor­tant task for the user. An inte­grated camera sys­tem per­ma­nently checks the im­print and com­pares the camera image with the original. If the devi­ation from the set tolerance range is too great, a mes­sage is sent via the HMI and, if neces­sary, the system is shut down.

The PACKTAGGER is a marking system that pro­vides the user with ef­fec­tive sup­port for his nu­mer­ous other tasks. With the PACKTAGGER, imprints can be ap­plied to many sur­faces in high print quality and at enor­mous speeds. Thanks to the use of main­te­nance-free ink cart­ridges and the unique “Front Loading System”, ink can be changed quick­ly and easily. Chang­ing print images is done via the user-friendly touch-­screen inter­face. Various versions of the system are avail­able. Whether contin­uous or inter­mit­tent, one or sever­al webs, the PACKTAGGER is the so­lu­tion to your label­ing tasks.