Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650
Packtagger Series 420/650

Packtagger 420/650

Mini coding system for multi-web print­ing require­ments: High functio­nal­ity com­bined with the latest technology

Key Features

  • Intermittent & continuous printing
  • Continuous print image monitoring
  • TIJ 2.5 ink cartridges from HP with smart “Front Loading System”
  • Integrated camera
  • Movable print head
  • Effective ink management
  • Easy operation via 7" touch HMI


The solution for multi-web packag­ing marking. Devel­oped for stick pack and thermo­forming machines.

Areas of application
The Packtagger 420/Packtagger 650 forms the basis for a whole family of app­lication-specific printer so­lu­tions. It also com­bines ease of use with high func­tio­nal­ity. By using Hewlett-Packard’s TIJ 2.5 ink cart­ridge and special inks, the printer can be used equally well on porous and non-porous sur­faces, such as pack­ag­ing films or coated fol­ding cartons. At the same time, the device can be used with inter­mit­tent­ly oper­ating systems.

Customized printing requirements
The unit can be built to the required print­ing width accor­ding to customer spec­ifi­ca­tions. In the basic version, these are 420 mm or 650 mm as standard. The Pack­tagger 420/Packtagger 650 has been special­ly designed for instal­lation on multi­lane packag­ing machines. The dis­tance between the indi­vi­dual prints can be ad­justed on the Multi­lane version and up to 20 lanes can be coded next to each other.

„Front Loading System“
The cart­ridge ex­change system also allows the ink cart­ridge to be ex­changed quickly and easily. It is charac­ter­ized by its simple hand­ling with­out cumber­some locking. It reduces down­time to an abso­lute mini­mum. The unique cart­ridge holder can be replaced in seconds. The robust design is special­ly made for indus­trial use. As soon as the cart­ridge is changed, the system recog­nizes the ink type and fill level.

Print image monitoring
Of course, this device is also equipped with integrated print image moni­toring, which ensures maxi­mum produc­tion relia­bility. The inte­grated camera system sup­ports the user during pro­duction control. The print image is read and checked after print­ing. As soon as a devia­tion outside the specified toler­ance is detected, a message is dis­played on the HMI; optio­nally, the pro­duc­tion line is stopped. In addition, the print image is trans­mitted live to the HMI and can thus be ad­ditio­nal­ly checked by the user.

Technical Data

Packtagger 420/650 
Pressure range [Packtagger 420]
Pressure range [Packtagger 650]
intermittent: 12,7mm × 420mm
intermittent: 12,7mm × 650mm
Print resolution150 dpi – 300 dpi – 600 dpi
Speed [Packtagger 420]
Speed [Packtagger 650]
intermittent: up to 60 prints/min
intermittent: up to 40 prints/min
Options• Encoder
• Cartridge holder
• Mounting parts
Dimensions (l×w×h) [Packtagger 420]
Dimensions (l×w×h) [Packtagger 650]
530mm × 165mm × 153mm
670mm × 165mm × 153mm
CPUARM Cortex A9 1.0 GHz processor
Storage4 GB 8-bit eMMC solid-state drive
Display7" TFT RGB 800 × 480 display
Resistive touch
Interfaces1× 100 Mbit/s Ethernet
2× USB 2.0
MaterialABS UL94HB housing
Dimensions (l×w×h)270 mm × 200 mm × 48 mm
Protection classIP40

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