Innovative Thermoinkjet Coders

Live transmission of the print image

for easy visual control

Packtagger Serie 50

and 420/650 Multilane

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42. About Packtagger  
The PACKTAGGER now takes over this impor­tant task for the user. An inte­grated camera sys­tem per­ma­nently checks the im­print and com­pares the camera image with the…  
43. About Packtagger  
Today, there is almost no product without the im­print of a best-before date, batch number or pro­duc­tion codes. The marking of all types of products and pack­aging is of great…  
44. General Terms and Conditions  
General Terms And Conditions § 1 Scope of Application (1) These sales conditions apply exclusively towards entrepreneurs, legal entities under public law or public special funds in the sense of §…  
45. Labeling machines  
Of course, the de­vice can also mark on the fly – it all de­pends on the app­li­ca­tion. Ex­is­ting hol­ders of other print­ing sys­tems can usually continue…  
46. Labeling machines  
You want a print image across the run­ning di­rec­tion of labels? No problem. Thanks to its mov­able print head, the PACKTAGGER also solves this task elegantly.  
47. Packaging machines  
The PACKTAGGER can be easily inte­grated into most pack­aging machines, regard­less of their mode of oper­ation. The sturdy hous­ing is easy to assemble and fits into…  
48. Industries  
For the fol­low­ing app­li­ca­tions, the Packtagger series is the per­fect so­lu­tion as a coding system.  
49. Industries  
The printing of best before dates, batch num­bers, pro­duc­tion data, shift codes, bar­codes, 2D codes is re­quir­ed in many industries.  
50. Solutions - Packaging machines  
Packaging machines The Packtagger series can be easily inte­grated and mounted in almost all pack­aging machines  
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